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Are you searching for the best red dot scope for turkey hunting? You have come to the right place.

When hunting turkeys, you need durable magnification. But while red dot sights are famed for their swift target acquisition, turkey hunters must act quickly.

You can use your peripheral vision with red dot sights since they have unlimited eye relief. These are a more portable red dot scope for hunting turkeys on challenging terrain. In essence, turkey hunters ought to employ a red dot.

We spent time highlighting the top red dot sights available for shotguns used for hunting turkeys. We also created a thorough buyer’s guide to help you learn everything you need to know to choose the best sight for your shotgun the first time.

The Best Red Dot Scope For Turkey Hunting

Here are the best options:

1) Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope


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The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight is a top-tier company’s best red dot sight. It’s a stunning sight from a reputable company and surprisingly affordable!

Additionally, it features a perfect 3 MOA red dot size, 11 distinct brightness levels, and a lifetime warranty. Although this sight only comes with one reticle design and color, it is still an excellent value you shouldn’t pass up.


  • A good balance between performance and cost
  • Continual guarantee
  • Eleven brightness levels
  • Outstanding 3 MOA red dot size
  • Mount for a Picatinny rail


  • Not suitable for long-range shooting

2) BSA RD30 30mm Red Dot Sight


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The BSA RD30 sight is difficult to beat if you’re seeking the best red dot sight for shotgun turkey hunting on a budget. RD30 sight on a BSA. That is a pretty good website that offers everything you ought to go out and procure a turkey.

The 5 MOA reticle size is easy to read and great for quick target acquisition. There are 11 different brightness levels. Sadly, there is just a 1-year warranty included with this sight, and only one reticle color and design is available.


  • 11 accessible brightness settings
  • Easy to spot, 5 MOA red dot size
  • Affordable


  • A single-year warranty only

3) Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight


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The Aimpoint Mini T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight is unbeatable if money is no object. This scope will undoubtedly provide you with the best brightness and clarity. You may select from 12 brightness levels, including four for night vision modes and eight for daylight use.

Also, the red dot can operate continuously for over five years for 50,000 hours on the lowest settings! While we adore this site, it has no lifelong warranty.

The 10-year warranty that it does have is wonderful, but given that similar reflex sights costing a tenth as much as this one does have lifetime warranties, there’s no reason this one can’t as well.


  • Ten years of guarantee
  • 12 brightness settings.
  • mounts on both weaver and Picatinny rails
  • extraordinary battery life (up to 50,000 hours)


  • Expensive alternative

4) TRUGLO GOBBLE-STOPPER Turkey Hunting Dot Sight


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The TRUGLO GOBBLE-STOPPER is a superb option if you’re looking for a red dot sight specifically designed for shotgun turkey hunting. It mounts on both Weaver- and picatinny-style rails, has the funniest moniker of the group, and comes with two different reticle color options.

It also has a lifetime warranty, making it the last sight you’ll ever need for your turkey hunts. Although there is only one reticle choice, it is a shotgun-specific design ideal for gobbler hunting. This is the shotgun red dot sight you need if you need one.


  • Reticle with two colors
  • Lifetime warranty on Weaver- and Picatinny-style mounts


  • Costly considering what you receive
  • The reticle is only for shotguns

5) TRUGLO 30mm Dual-Color Dot Sight


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This site is adaptable but not particularly high-end. The lifetime guarantee does not cover your shotgun’s fuzzy red dot reticle and inability to maintain zero.

The huge 5 MOA reticle is simple to view for quicker target acquisition, and it’s easy to mount and offers two reticle color options. Just hit your target on the first try to avoid losing sight.


  • Easy to spot, 5 MOA red dot size
  • Continual guarantee
  • Mounts in the Picatinny and weaver styles
  • Reticle with two colors


  • At greater brightness levels, the red dot becomes hazy.
  • You can have difficulty maintaining zero with heavier recoil weapons.

6) Trijicon RMR Type 2 Red Dot


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This sight offers the highest level of rugged dependability and versatility. In conclusion, the RMR is robust and won’t disappoint you while out turkey hunting.

You may use the sight’s 3.25 MOA dot size to aim at any target precisely. There are 8 brightness levels, 2 for night vision and 1 for the brightest light. It is powered by a CR2032 lithium battery.

The sight has a long battery life, one of its benefits. One drawback is that it is very expensive and needs an additional mounting plate.


  • Long battery life
  • Durable and robust


  • Expensive

Characteristics to look for in The Best Red Dot Scope For Turkey Hunting

Red dot sights differ from one another. Some are created for a specific purpose, while others are constructed with higher-quality components. In light of this, let’s examine some of the most crucial elements before selecting a red dot for your gobbler hunt.


Clarity is crucial when going on a turkey hunt. The reticle is an essential component of aiming at your target. Viewing the entire target with some sights can be challenging because of their larger dot reticles. Just make sure you can see the target out of your company.

Color Dots

Having a green dot option is helpful because turkey hunting is done outdoors. In some circumstances, red dots are effective, but green dots perform better outdoors. That costs a bit more.

Yet, the price is reasonable. Against the background of trees, the green dots are more noticeable. Moreover, astigmatic individuals could favor a green dot over a red dot.


Batteries are needed for red dots when hunting turkeys, so get new ones before they run out and let you down. It is better to use one with a widely-used battery type and one with a long-lasting battery.

Several factors other than the number of hours of usage can impact the battery life of your sight. For instance, the required brightness setting might quickly drain the battery.


You need a small number of weapons in your arsenal if you’re anything like me. The red dot you wish to purchase, such as one from Vortex Optics, should accommodate at least part of your rifles. This can help you save money while also increasing your shooting accuracy.


The most popular firearm for shooting turkeys is often a 12-gauge shotgun. That suggests a significant amount of recoil each time you pull the trigger.

No matter how effectively you did that, the red dot needs to withstand repeated recoils. Durability in construction is so crucial.

Also, it would be best if you considered the kinds of conditions you’ll be hunting in. This typically involves difficult treks over difficult terrain. Your chosen scope must resist blows, drops, and bad weather.

About the latter, the sight must be waterproof and fog-proof if you hunt in all weather conditions. You should pick a scope made of a robust material keeping these factors in mind.


Your hunting red dot sight’s construction material matters. Examples include materials like aircraft-grade aluminum and comparable ones. This will be both lightweight and withstand the abuse you expose it to.

The chosen material must be resilient to rebound. It would help if you looked for magnesium or aluminum alloy scopes.

Parallax and eye relief

Make sure the sight you select offers unrestricted eye relief and is parallax-free. This is because a parallax-free presence will prevent you from seeing your objective. No matter where they concern the line of sight, parallax-free sights will provide you with precise images.

Setting the brightness

Optics with a visible reticle is the best option. Most shooters have a favored time of day when they go hunting. Yet between dawn and sunset is the perfect time to get that treasured bird.

You’ll require a sight with adjustable brightness levels no matter what time of day you wish to go hunting.

This means that the ability to change brightness will enable you to take advantage of hunting possibilities in low light and adapt to situations in brilliant sunshine. No of the lighting conditions, a decent red dot sight should provide a clear picture.


When discussing choosing optic brands, we don’t want to suggest you always select well-known brands with many expensive options. Rather, it indicates avoiding low-cost brands with minimal or terrible consumer feedback.

Getting a cheap sight and hoping for the best outcome regarding shotgun recoil is not a good idea. Reputable optics vendors may be able to assist. Businesses that have put much effort into developing high-quality websites offer good value for their functionality and features.


The manufacturer’s guarantee policy is still another important factor. As we previously discussed, a trustworthy brand will put its money where its mouth is.

This implies that producers exclusively producing high-quality goods will be eager to provide lengthy or lifelong warranties. This is not to say that a product without a warrant is of poor quality.


As to be imagined, red dots come in a wide range of prices, and not all hunters have enormous budgets. Your budget will influence how much you are willing to spend on a sight.

The number of guns that shooters own should also be taken into account. You should spend money on a good red dot to use with multiple weapons.

One high-quality sight is preferable to a hundred low-quality ones frequently needing replacing. Just make sure the sight you select is appropriate for your guns.


There may be some locations with distinctive designs. While some sights feature square glass panes, others have tube patterns. It will only come down to personal preference, so there is no need to worry.

Height & Windage

Consider your sight’s height and windage adjustments as well. Shooters must aim vertically and horizontally to put their dot on their target. More accuracy is often achieved as a result of the turrets’ dependability.

Optional Mounting

The smallest red dots are simple to align and fasten. Get a red dot that is easy to put on any rifle or turkey gun. You must also ensure the sight is secured firmly to prevent movement or accidents that could influence your zero and accuracy.

FAQs on The Best Red Dot Scope For Turkey Hunting

1) Red dot scopes—are they suitable for hunting?

They’re ideal for turkey hunting, but it depends on what you’re hunting. Turkeys move quickly and might be challenging to see, so it’s crucial to have quick target acquisition and infinite eye relief.

Despite this, a red dot sight can still be helpful for deer or other larger animals. Even though they might move a little more quickly for deer, they provide a clear sight image at a respectable distance.

2) What MOA reticle size do you require?

Another arbitrary response, as the reticle size depends on the distance. You prefer a two or 3-MOA reticle for close- to medium-range turkey hunting since they take up less room.

You will quickly get the complete picture this way. The 6 MOA reticle, on the other hand, is useful for long-range or far shots.

3) Can you hunt with red dots of any kind?

These are perfect for turkey hunting, but it depends on what you’re searching for, I’m sure of it. Quick target acquisition and unlimited eye relief are crucial because turkeys move swiftly and may be challenging to aim at.

Nonetheless, a red dot sight may be useful for hunting deer or larger animals. They offer a clear sight image at a decent distance and are speedier for deer.

4) What MOA size are you looking for?

Usually speaking, it depends on how far you are shooting. A 2 MOA or 3 MOA dot size will occupy less space for hunting at close or medium ranges. Nonetheless, they work better for long-range shots that are more precise.

A larger dot might be preferable at closer ranges because the target is larger. This will allow you to see the whole picture more quickly.

5) Is using red dots for hunting turkeys a smart idea?

Red spots are useful even if they weren’t intended for hunting turkeys. Red dots can accomplish some tasks that a standard bead sight cannot.

They first and primarily offer a superior visible sight image under various conditions. Second, red dot sights are quite durable and can resist the field, weather, and even a lot of recoil.


The next time you go on a turkey hunt, go with the assurance that comes from knowing that your setup is the best in the group. You know you’ll always hit a turkey when you squeeze the trigger after aiming down the sight.

While several sights can accomplish the task, why not start at the top with the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25? It will last a lifetime and is both inexpensive and of great quality. Win-win-win all around. You can also check the Leupold VX 3i LRP 6.5 20x50mm Review » Best Leupold Long Range Scope in 2023

We hope this post helped you find the best red dot scope for turkey hunting.