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Do you want to buy the best 56mm scope? We will review some of the top options to help you make an informed purchase.

The best 56mm hunting scope should be paired with your long-range rifle for accurate shooting. Due to the amount of light that enters through the content, this will advance your hunting abilities. This also has to do with how vivid the images are.

It is important to note that scopes with a 50mm objective lens are the most widely used. This is so that there are more alternatives than there were with 56mm scopes.

Hunting enthusiasts, however, particularly recommend 56mm scopes. The broad field of view and the large objective lens causes this. This makes sure that you hit every target.

Finding the best 56mm hunting scope might be difficult, especially if you’re a newbie. This is because there aren’t many 56mm scopes on the market. This buying guide’s primary goal is to assist you in focusing your search.

We’ll examine the key characteristics of the best-recommended 56 mm scopes in today’s topic. They contain a ton of features that will advance your shooting skills.

Also, we’ll discuss the crucial characteristics you should look for while choosing the best 56mm hunting scope. The information in this area will inform your purchase.

Best 56mm Rifle Scope Reviews

1) Vortex Optics Hog Hunter Crossfire II 3-12×56 scope




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Famous American business Vortex Optics creates optical gear for hunting, police enforcement, outdoor leisure, shooting sports, and wildlife viewing.

Its offerings include binoculars, holographic sights, reflex sights, riflescopes, spotting scopes, and various accessories.

Excellent features make the Vortex Crossfire II 3-12×56 adjustable objective hog hunter rifle scope ideal for hunting, particularly at night. The lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium used for the scope has a hard anodized finish.

A solid block material creates the 30mm single-piece tube body, which offers strength, rigidity, and shock resistance.

Its composite material and construction aid in maximizing alignment while enhancing precision and visual performance. The scope has O-ring seals installed as well, making it waterproof. It stops the infiltration of dirt, dust, and moisture.

Also, the Crossfire II is fog-proof in various temperatures thanks to its nitrogen gas purging system.

The changeable objective lens improves the visual focus while avoiding the parallax adjustment requirement. The reset turrets make using your fingers to return the scope to zero simple, and the caps shield the knobs from the weather.

The fast-focus eyepiece on the Vortex hog hunter scope makes it simple to focus the reticle.

The 56mm objective lens size of this Vortex scope has a completely multi-coated anti-reflective coating that aids in increasing light transmission.

On the other hand, the second focal plane reticle is placed closer to your eyes and keeps its appearance regardless of the magnification level.

Shooters will have an accurate point-of-aim even in low light thanks to the illuminated V-Brite reticle matte.

Also, the adaptability of the 3-12 power scope guarantees versatile settings for magnification for sharp and clear-sight images.


  • Effective in low-light situations
  • Fantastic field of vision
  • Easy to use controls
  • Provides images that are crisp and clear.
  • The offer of a lifetime warranty holds no value.


  • A little bit too big and hefty
  • For certain users, there is a fog

2) NIGHTFORCE SHV 5-20x56mm Scope


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In 1992, NIghtForce developed mounting solutions and tough, dependable, and repeatable optics.

All NightForce scopes underwent some testing in various settings. The NightForce SHV model is a great rifle scope if you require a hunting tool that performs and delivers anytime.

The NightForce 5-20x56mm is the strongest SHV series model, making it the ideal scope for nighttime hunting and long-range shooting.

The analog illumination system of NightForce partly powers the adjustable brightness and illuminated reticles of the SHV riflescope.

To switch it on and change the brightness levels, crank the rotary dial.

It is a practical, dependable, and easy method for taking photos in many settings and lighting circumstances. Its range of magnification is between five and twenty. As a result, you will receive clear, sharp images with fantastic colour contrast.

Also, the NightForce Forceplex reticle gives a clear and unobstructed field of view thanks to its straightforward design. With centre crosshairs that are 0.125 MOA thick, it has four strong lines that assist you in focusing on your target and bringing your eyes to the centre.

This design enables precise shot placement even at great distances and with the smallest target. You’ll also appreciate that the SHV 5-2056 riflescope model only has zero-set technology. Users can swiftly and effectively return to their zero-configuration with its aid.

Moreover, this NightForce scope has side parallax adjustment knobs and full 80 MOA elevation turrets.

A lens with a 56mm objective diameter allows more light to pass through the scope and into your eyes for a brighter image. An owner’s manual, a rubber lens cover, a cleaning cloth, and loose Allen keys will all be included with your purchase.


  • Provides good clarity
  • Excellently holds and tracks zero
  • Sturdy build
  • Excellent eye relief


  • Expensive
  • Turrets are not extremely audible.


3) Ade Advanced Optics Long Range Riflescope



Before creating high-quality items under its brand, Ade Advanced Optics produced firearms accessories business private label goods for significant producers and dealers.

Check out this model from Ade Advanced Optics if you’re seeking a tough, T6 aluminium military riflescope. It contains a robust, one-piece 35mm tube lens that is the foundation for precisely aligning the glass and other scope parts.

Ade Advanced Optics’ high-precision tactical rifle scope will enable you to hit the target precisely, even at a great distance.

This tactical sight allows you the adaptability and flexibility to fire a target at various distances with a magnification range of six to 25.

You can see your target with outstanding brightness and clarity thanks to the 56-millimetre objective lens.

For activities involving long-range shooting, this goal diameter is ideal. Just remember to use a greater magnification level when it’s dark out. A Mil-dot bar reticle is also included. The typical design for a duplex reticle is a Mil-dot.

Each axis features four tiny dots, each measuring 0.25 mil. Sighting is simpler by the contrast the illuminated reticle creates with the target.

Also, Ade Advanced Optics ensures the scope is waterproof and fog-proof. They employed water-resistant sealants, synthetic grease, and strong O-ring seals.

You will receive the tactical scope and the following items as part of the package:

  • Ring size 35 millimetres
  • Allen key
  • Flip-up awnings
  • A scope pouch and a lens cloth
  • A sun canopy


  • Awesome tracks
  • Bright and clear lenses
  • Dependable construction
  • Well-sealed knobs and dials operate properly.


  • Mil-dots are too tiny.
  • Parallax problem


4) Monstrum G3 FFP Rifle Scope


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For more than 15 years, Monstrum has designed and made scopes. It is a leading producer of high-end but reasonably priced rifle optics.

Whether shooting on the range or hunting in the woods, Monstrum optics deliver great performance. Aluminum of the 6061 aircraft grade was used to make it.

Also, the metal adjustment knobs offer a smoother operation compared to earlier models. For simpler lighting control, metal is used for even the illumination knob. The location of the scope reticle in front of the magnification lens is known as the First Focal Plane, or FFP.

Depending on the settings for your magnification, the reticle size in FFP scopes can increase or decrease. Yet, with an FFP sight, the distance and range information in the reticle stays constant regardless of magnification.

If you have an FFP scope, you can effectively execute hold-over correction, bullet drop adjustment, and range estimation. All Monstrum G3 FFP scope lenses have a full multicoating, which will reduce glare and light loss.

In addition to shielding it from scratches, this coating offers improved light transmission and finer contrast. 1/4 MOA can adjust the elevation and windage controls on the scope per click.

Its turret locks and zero resets are entire to thank for that. Also, you’ll discover that it has a unique type-H reticle.

Faster hold-over correction and range estimate is made possible by the functional MOA markers and tailored FFP reticle design of this scope. The visible, black-etched reticle’s red light illumination can be adjusted.

The package also contains a battery, flip-up lens cover, hardware, manual, sunshade, and scope rings in addition to the 6-3656 G3 FFP scope.


  • Not overly heavy
  • Useful reticle for low- to medium-power rifles
  • Simple-to-use knob


  • The image becomes distorted at high magnification
  • After being lighted, floating dots


5) Athlon Optics Argos BTR FFP Gen2 Rifle Scope



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High-quality sports optics are designed and produced by the US company Athlon. Remarkably, its budget-friendly scopes can hold their own against premium versions.

Look at this Athlon Optics affordable riflescope, which has premium features and is built to last. The Argos scope’s completely multi-coated lens reduces the reflected light while enhancing light transmission for a brighter view.

Also, argon is used to purge it. Large molecules and inertia gas are combined during argon purging to eliminate moisture from the tube for improved thermal stability and waterproofing.

On the other hand, it offers external lens protection from scuffs, oil, and dirt with its XPL coating. Thanks to the precision zero-stop system, you can also return to the zero position.

All you have to do is turn the dial quickly and precisely to the right. The APLR2 FFP IR MOA reticle is the last feature. You may lock in the target and set hold-over positions with the huge lit centre displayed on an etched glass.


  • The MOA reticle is properly adjusted.
  • Dependable and consistent performance
  • Good quality
  • holds zero securely.
  • outstanding client service


  • minimal eye relief
  • very faint reticle


Important Factors to Consider When Buying the Best 56mm Scope

Magnification range

When purchasing a scope, ensure it offers enough magnification for long-range shooting applications. Also, it should give you more freedom to shoot at various distances.

Rugged durability

We strongly advise getting one made of high-quality materials to ensure that your scope lasts very long. This guarantees that it can endure significant impact and recoil. Also, it ought to be built using waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof materials.

Fast focus eyepiece

Serious hunters advise investing in a scope with a fast-focus eyepiece to track moving prey. This is crucial if you intend to utilize the content for hunting purposes.

Eye relief

This is the distance between your eye and the sighting device. It would help to get a scope with adjustable eye relief according to the magnification. By doing this, a black look from the powerful recoil caused is reduced.


Investing in sight with a high-quality, more functional reticle is highly advised. It must be simple to adjust for accuracy and precision to avoid uncertainty while using a scope for long-range shooting.

High-quality glass

When purchasing any scope for long-range hunting, it’s crucial to consider the glass’s quality. This is so that the image quality can be affected. We advise purchasing a scope with scratch-resistant glass for a clearer and unobstructed field of view. Also, it guarantees that you will receive clear, precise photographs.


It’s critical to get a scope with a strong warranty. This ensures that it gets repaired or replaced when your range is damaged.

FAQs on the Best 56mm Rifle Scope

1) What is the Best 56mm Rifle Scope?

For crisp and brilliant images, the best 56mm rifle scope for long-range shooting will provide outstanding light transmission.

Even though it is somewhat pricey, we conclude that the NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm rifle scope is the best after careful consideration.

If you need a backup option and have a limited budget, the Vortex Hog Hunter Crossfire II is a great option.



We have listed the specifications of the top 56mm hunting scope in today’s buying guide. There aren’t many choices, but we’ve assessed the best ones to aid you in making the best choice.

Many of the long-range rifles on the market are compatible with the scopes shared in this list. We have considered elements like price, magnification, lens, and brand. This guarantees that the content you receive will provide value for the money you invest.

It’s crucial to remember that you must first specify your shooting requirements. You will find the choosing process to be simple as a result. Also, it will guarantee that you receive the most scope for your money.

We hope that this article was helpful in your search for the best 56mm hunting scope. You can also check the Best Scope for 50 Beowulf in 2023