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Are you searching for the best .22LR scope? We will review some top options to help narrow your search. 

The.22 Long Rifle, often known as.22 LR or 22 (metric designation: 5.615mmR) is a well-known brand of rimfire ammunition in the.22 calibers developed in the United States. Rifles, pistols, revolvers, smoothbore shotguns, and submachine weapons of many kinds employ it.

In terms of total units sold, it is by far the most popular type of ammunition today. As a recreational activity, shooting and hunting are very popular. Low recoil, close-range effectiveness, and affordability make .22 Long Rifle ammunition perfect for training.

Are the best rimfire scopes for your 22LR on your shopping list? If you want to spruce up your rifle with some optics, this post will discuss my best selections for rimfire scopes.

A scope on a 22LR will be helpful for target shooting or small game hunting. The good news is that many excellent solutions are available, even for—22-caliber firearms.

5 Best .22LR Scopes

1) Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Rimfire Riflescope


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The Leupold VX-Freedom 3-940 is a top-notch gear constructed with first-rate components and some of the most cutting-edge features available on a rifle scope

Numerous features of this rifle scope merit my high praise. First off, it has a 40 mm objective lens and 3x to 9x magnification, giving me a good sight picture and a proper field of view at all zoom levels.

It includes multi-coated, scratch-resistant lenses that can withstand abrasive damage better than many other rifle scopes, which is another feature I enjoy.

The remainder of the scope is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It has undergone extensive testing by the manufacturer to ensure proper operation, even under adverse conditions or after a great deal of use and abuse. Because it is completely waterproof and fog-proof, I may wear it in inclement weather.

That is practical because I can place it on my rimfire rifle and carry it anytime. The scope has a sleek matte coating that keeps it from glaring and perhaps giving away where you are to your target.

That’s not all, though. The parallax adjustment on this scope is already set to 60 yards. Although it lacks a turret for parallax adjustment, this set is excellent for rimfire ammunition. Thus I anticipate parallax won’t significantly impact when you use the sight.

It has accurate finger-click turrets for windage and elevation adjustment, which are long-lasting.

No matter what magnification level you choose, it also has excellent eye relief, measuring 4.17 inches at low and 3.6 inches at high magnification—more than enough.22 LR. That was relatively easy to use.

It’s a lovely touch to have the matte finish. This scope won’t disappoint you in inclement weather because it is waterproof. The scope’s eye relief and light weight are both qualities that offer value, which I appreciated.

The absence of a lens cap is the only downside I could find. The cost of the asking price increased more than I had anticipated because I had to acquire a separate item.

The VX-Freedom 3-940 Rimfire rifle scope is, in my opinion, a top-tier piece of equipment with many outstanding features and sturdy, practical construction. You won’t regret picking it up with your rifle in 22 LR.

Key Elements

  • Magnification of 3x to 9x
  • 40-millimeter lenses
  • Multi-coated lenses with scratch resistance
  • Aluminum of aircraft grade as the primary component
  • Fogproof and completely waterproof
  • Matte surface
  • Fantastic eye relief
  • 60-yard parallax adjustment


  • Finished in matte black
  • Adds more shooting light
  • Lenses are incredibly robust.
  • Excellent eye relief
  • The scope is fog and water-resistant.


  • Does not include a lens cap


2) Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rimfire – V-Plex MOA


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Nobody does professional-grade high-quality scopes as well as Vortex, and they have created another front-runner in the field.

This product from Vortex has many features without raising the cost or lowering the construction standard. They include fog and waterproofing, numerous reticle options, aircraft-grade aluminum, and multi-coated lenses.

The V-Plex MOA Reticle gives me unequaled accuracy and is one of the most fantastic solutions available for shooting at medium to long distances. It never seems overly busy in my hands and is quite natural and functional. It also has many hold points.

The reticle is etched on the second focal plane to maintain the appropriate image size at all times.

The lenses include several anti-reflective coatings for optimal light transmission and the lowest glare. Even in meager light, this gives me brilliant, contrasted photographs with high-quality detail. I’m amazed.

The parallax is factory fixed at 50 yards, and the eye relief is a respectable 3.9 inches. The field of view, which increases from 12.6 feet to 42 feet at 100 yards, is highly excellent, in my opinion.

It is a one-piece design made of aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized outer coating that shields the tube from dings, bumps, oil, and dirt. Nitrogen purging and O-ring sealing make a waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-resistant body possible.

The reticle’s fine craftsmanship is what truly grabs my attention. For range, holdover, and windage corrections, it is hash marked. The glass reticle’s high-precision laser etching is programmed to maintain the closest tolerances imaginably.

The crosshair, in my opinion, is expertly crafted to strike the ideal mix between pinpoint accuracy and good light visibility.

The tactical turrets with caps provide me fine control for short height and wind adjustments, another exciting feature. An incorporated locking mechanism that guards against unintentional changes completes this.

The multi-coated lenses produce bright, clear views, and I find the reticle incredibly intuitive. In my hands, this product feels quite robust.

The only aspect of this product I didn’t particularly enjoy is its size, which seems a little hefty. But I assume that’s just my initial impression, and if I used it frequently, I might grow accustomed to it and come to like all the other qualities of this scope.

The Crossfire II Rimfire Riflescope is Vortex’s newest riflescope and features a V-Plex reticle, which some shooters find more useful than BDC reticles. Another excellent option for.22 rifles.

Key Elements

  • Aluminum of aircraft quality
  • Anti-reflective lenses with multiple coatings
  • Eye relief of 3.9 inches
  • Both waterproofing and fog
  • Several reticle choices
  • Fifty-yard parallax
  • Shock tolerance
  • Tactical turrets with a cap and an integrated locking system


  • High caliber of craft
  • Logical reticle
  • Durability and material quality
  • Lens coatings


  • The size is somewhat bulky.

3) Simmons 3-9x32mm, 0.22 Mag(R) Matte Black


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I think this Simmons model is the greatest one on my list regarding design. Its one-piece body, which is sleek and classy, enables lighter and more flexible handling combined with increased durability.

It feels slightly heavier, given its 12-inch length and 10-ounce weight, but it makes up for this with longevity and aesthetic appeal; I genuinely like how sleek it looks. It appears to have been taken directly out of a movie.

Attaching the scope is simple because it has a complete mounting ring set. Although having a limited eye relief of 3.5 inches, the sight remains steady even under solid recoil. I have no concerns about getting hurt using it because of this.

The QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) eyepiece works with the Simmons TrueZero windage and elevation systems to lock on to my target with deadset precision. Never before has it been so simple for me to lock onto the target.

This scope has sure-grip technology, making adjustments considerably easier while wearing gloves, making everything even more comfortable.

I can use the lens in any weather because it is coated and has HydroField technology, which I always think is necessary. Glare and light reflection are hardly noticeable.

At 100 yards, the field of view ranges from 5 to 31.4 feet, and it has a duplex reticle.

I’m particularly impressed by the cost; it offers excellent value. I like how the hydro-shield coating allows for a crisp sight picture. Overall, I feel this product will work well in any circumstance.

The only issue I’ve had with this scope is its weight. It’s not excessively heavy, but it could feel a little cumbersome if you’re not used to it. However, I’m confident that it will pass with time.

The Simmons 3-9x32mm, 0.22 Mag(R) is undoubtedly one of the top scopes on the market right now in the low-price, budget-friendly category.

Yet the positives outweigh the negatives when we weigh all its advantages and disadvantages. That would, in my opinion, be among the top M&P 15-22 scopes.

Key Elements

  • Mounting ring set with a 3.5-inch eye relief
  • Eyepiece for rapid target acquisition
  • Sophisticated style
  • Truncated reticle
  • 100% coated lenses
  • HydroField engineering


  • Very Economical
  • One-piece, sleek design
  • Eyepiece QTA
  • Coating Hydroshield


  • A little heavier than average


4) Leupold FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm Fine Duplex


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This model demonstrates why Leupold is one of my favorite scope makers. It provides much eye relief and is lightweight and straightforward to use. In terms of light transmission, it’s one of the best scopes. Let’s examine its other features.

This 4x zooms rimfire scope has a 28 mm objective lens and is quick and light. Additionally, it has a built-in 60-yard parallax adjustment that effectively enables me to strike targets at distances of up to 100 yards.

I can concentrate on shooting my target without being sidetracked by too many holdover points because it has a fine duplex reticle that isn’t overly congested.

The lenses are multi-coated for even greater light transmission and increased endurance against grease or debris. The scope is also made to last, thanks to its waterproof and fog-proof construction.

Even if you drop it, it won’t break — I did so unintentionally, and nothing occurred! Another wise decision by the maker was to give the scope’s surface a matte black coating. This will help you blend in during tactical or hunting situations and guard against the range eroding over time.

The site has 4.5 inches of eye relief, far more than most other scopes on the market, even those for rimfire rifles. It was a delightful discovery because most scopes can only give you eye relief of between 3 and 4 inches.

This extra distance makes sure that your eye will never unintentionally be struck by the scope’s edge, which might potentially result in severe bruising. Through and through, this scope is safe and effective, and using it is incredibly secure.

For me, the feeling of lightness is usually a significant plus. The all-weather toughness is similar. The eye relief is excellent, and the lens size is perfectly matched.

Sadly, I have found that the turret adjustments are not as accurate as I would anticipate. Use caution when setting them; be aware they might not be flawless.

Key Elements

  • minimal structure
  • 4x zoom
  • 28-millimeter lenses
  • Pre-set 60-yard parallax adjustment built-in
  • Dual-layer reticle
  • Optical coatings
  • Eye relief of 4.5 inches
  • Water- and fog-proofing


  • Overall very lightweight,
  • has a large amount of eye relief and is pre-set to account for parallax at 60 yards.
  • Works in every climate.
  • Excellent lens size.


  • The turret adjustments might use more fine-tuning.

5) Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7×35 Rimfire SFP



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One of the top scope manufacturers in the industry is where this optic is from. I believe that most other optics unmatch Vortex Optics’ adaptability.

To begin with, I must point out that this scope has a magnification range of 2x to 7x, making it perfect for close-range combat and hunting situations. It has a unique, incredibly minimalist “V-Plex” reticle that comes with it; this looks like a benefit because it doesn’t obstruct my vision.

This is quite useful when I want to use it for hunting smaller animals. It is also on the second focal plane, so changing the magnification setting won’t affect its size.

The multi-coated lenses on this scope are another feature I particularly enjoy. The 35mm objective lens’s light transmission is enhanced, and the lenses’ damage resistance is increased. This is supported by a fast-focus eyepiece that enables me to focus my reticle rapidly.

Also, the sight has precise metal turrets that allow me to adjust for elevation and windage. After I sought into my target, I can also perform a zero reset. A precise gliding erector mechanism benefits both the magnification ring and these turrets.

As a result, even after frequent usage, everything rotates and switches quickly and consistently.

This scope’s outstanding durability is another fantastic feature. A piece of aircraft-grade aluminum is the primary body and has a hard-anodized finish. This diminishes corrosive damage, and the scope is shielded from the sun’s glare, which could reveal your location.

Moreover, it is O-ring sealed and argon-purged. This indicates that it will work effectively even in wet or foggy conditions. I like that it won’t fail me in inclement weather.

The precise glide erector technology makes altering magnifications simple. I appreciate the multi-coated lenses’ long-lasting quality, excellent light transmission, and the hard anodized finish’s sturdy feel.

The eye relief, in this case, is only 3.1–3.5 inches, which shocked me a little. While it didn’t bother me much, it might be too little for some folks. Determine whether or not that works for you.

This scope is among the most adaptable hunting rifle scopes I could find while still relatively affordable.

Although it is not a long-range precision tool, it enhances close-range accuracy. I also appreciate that it will function even in bad weather, an essential factor that hunters frequently need to consider.

Key Elements

  • Magnification ranging from 2x to 7x
  • Modern “V-Plex” reticle
  • 35mm focal length
  • Optical coatings
  • technique for precisely erecting glides
  • O-ring sealing and argon purging
  • heightened toughness
  • a hard-anodized surface


  • very robust
  • Works in bad conditions and has a straightforward reticle
  • For durability and light transmission, lenses are multi-coated.
  • Has turrets for precise windage and elevation
  • A precise glide erector system guarantees effortless change between magnifications.


  • For some, the eye relief may be too little.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best .22LR Scope


Magnification is the most crucial component in scope and is what a degree is used chiefly for. Choose the usual range at which you will shoot first.

The most typical range for 22LR is typically 50 yards. Most rimfire scopes have a 2x magnification and a 7x magnification setting.

Many scopes have magnifications ranging from 3x to 9x. For a 22LR rifle, nothing more potent than this is required.


Most folks are too worried and perplexed by the various reticles and which is the best. The optimum option is frequently a straightforward crosshairs reticle, especially for a rimfire rifle.

Complex reticles with bullet drops are made for shooting at extreme distances. No BDC or unique reticles are required for 22LR rifles.

A standard reticle will do since the range is often between 0-100 yards, and you shouldn’t overthink it.


Most individuals don’t like to spend money on 22 rifles; they see them as more of a toy gun for range games and teasing.

I never advocate purchasing inferior products and always strive for high-quality components and optics on all my weapons. Although you don’t have to spend much money, you should still buy a good scope for a 22.

A scope should cost between $100 and $400, plus a little extra for scope rings and a mounting rail if necessary.

FAQs on the Best .22LR Scope

1) Why is .22 LR so widely used?

The 22 LR is appropriate for children and adults because it has nearly no recoil. It may be used to hunt small wildlife and is an excellent cartridge for improving your shooting technique because ammo is so cheap.

2) Is the .22 LR, is it deadly?

Because .22 LR ammunition is less potent than ammunition from larger calibers, the harm it poses to people is sometimes underrated. A 22 LR bullet can kill or wound people, so always use it responsibly and with the appropriate safety measures.

3) How many .22 LR rounds should I have?

Four thousand in your cannon, four hundred in your big game rifle. If you’re going hunting with a 22 LR rifle, you need at least a thousand rounds loaded with various ammunition.

4) What is the purpose of a .22 LR rifle?

Some actions, including bolt, pump, lever, and semi-automatic, are available .22 LR rifle. The rifle can be used for self-defense, pest or varmint control, target shooting, training, and survival. It is most frequently used as a field gun for small-game hunting.

5) How far can a .22 LR rifle shoot?

The .22 LR can shoot up to 150 yards, but in practice, you’ll probably only get half that (140 meters). The round’s ballistics are such that it will be challenging to compensate for the significant “drop” after 150 yards.

6) Is a .22 LR is it beneficial for surviving?

In a survival situation, keeping rimfire weapons for animals and carrying a small centerfire handgun for threats posed by people is advised. The.22 LR is lethal against human and animal threats, but shot placement is crucial.

7) Do Navy SEALs carry .22 LR rifles?

The answer is yes, but not because it is a standard caliber. The word “silence” was used. On secret-squirrel missions,

Navy SEALs have been known to use the Ruger MKII and the High Standard HDM, and.22 LR pistols were used in Vietnam. Similarly to this.22 LR guns have been used to repress Mossad.

8) Is a .22LR superior to 9mm?

Both novice and seasoned shooters might consider 22 LR as a great option. The 9mm ammunition makes more noise, recoils harder, and is more challenging to shoot. A 9mm might be better for shooters with more expertise or for self-defense.

However, people with less experience and less talent at shooting are typically better suited for the.22 LR.

9) What is suitable for hunting with a 22 LR?

On the ground, 22 LR rifles are frequently used for hunting rabbits, squirrels, rodents, coyotes, raccoons, and birds up to and including turkeys.

10) Can a .22 LR can it kill a deer?

While a well-placed shot from a 22 LR can kill a deer, hunting with it is often prohibited. For varmints and small game. 22 LR is by far the best.

11) How far can a.22 LR bullet kill?

While having a 150-yard (140-meter) effective range, practical ranges are typically shorter. The round’s ballistics are such that adjusting for the significant “drop” after 150 yards will take some time.


I know how challenging it might be for any aspiring rifle enthusiast to select a.22lr sight in the current era of rapidly growing science and technology.

Hence, the Vortex Crossfire can be the most incredible rimfire scope if you’re searching for something exceptionally durable and long-lasting. I’d think the Leupold will be your best option if you’re new to the sport of rifle shooting.

The Simmons is just as outstanding for accuracy and precision, while the Vortex is more suited to the professional hunter. This buying guide should help you select the ideal Rimfire scope for your preferences and requirements.